West Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans

The state of West Virginia has hundreds of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, many of whom have had their healthcare costs covered by the government-run Medicare system (Parts A and B).

However, Medicare doesn’t cover all medical expenses, such as the cost of deductibles or premiums. To help ease the burden, there’s West Virginia Medicare Supplemental plans.

West Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans

West Virginia Medicare Supplement plans are designed to work along with Medicare and fill in the gaps that aren’t covered by Part A and Part B, including deductibles, copay’s and coinsurance.

These policies don’t provide any coverage for medication costs, but beneficiaries have to option to enroll in Medicare Part D prescription drug plans in order to receive prescription drug coverage. Supplement plans come from private insurance companies who charge their own premium each month in exchange for the coverage.

What “Gaps” Does Medicare Coverage Have

Medicare will not cover every expense charged at a hospital or other medical facility, creating what is known as “gaps” in Medicare coverage. Parts A and B of Medicare, hospital and medical, also have deductibles that will increase every year along with the co-insurance the beneficiary must handle.

Finally, Medicare also offers no maximum for out-of-pocket costs, an ill spent year eventually adds up to ill spent funds.

Options for WV Medicare Supplement Plans

WV Medicare supplement plans are divided into plan types designated by letter. In all, there’s ten plans that range from letters A to N. Though the overall costs will vary depending on state and numerous other individual factors, the plans themselves are standardized across the country.

This means Plan A in California has the same benefits as Plan A in West Virginia, the only difference may be the cost.

How it Works

Supplement plans will cover the cost of deductibles and co-insurance, without requiring that you change your facility, doctor, or specialist. Each plan will include the basic core policy benefits, as well as additional benefits depending on the letter plan you choose. Remember, these policies are meant to be additional coverage to be used with your Original Medicare, it cannot replace it.

Medicare pays 80% of approved medical cost, leaving the beneficiary responsible for the remaining 20% as well as any coinsurance, deductible or copayments.

Some of the benefits with Medicare Supplement plans in West Virginia include coverage for any hospital stay coinsurance for up to an additional 365 days after your Original Medicare benefits have been drained, coverage for any Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayments, coverage for the first 3 pints of blood that may be needed for a procedure, coverage for any Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayments and coverage for Medicare preventive care coinsurance under Part B.

Speak to Licensed Medicare Supplement Agents in West Virginia

Medicare beneficiaries should seek information on the possible plans that are offered to determine which is the best plan for you. Call today to speak to licensed Medicare Supplement agents in West Virginia for more detailed information and assistance with this process. We’ll be happy to assist you at no cost an no obligation to sign up!

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